The Taxus baccata grove is one of the treasures of "Zangezur" biosphere complex

The Taxus baccata grove of "Shikahogh" State Reserve of "Zangezur" Biosphere Complex” SNCO of the Ministry of Environment. 
Taxus baccata (VU) grove is one of the treasures of the reserve. The Taxus is represented in Armenia by only a few populations. It is a relic of the Tertiary period and is very rare in the territory of Armenia.
It is an endangered species, registered in the Red Book of plants of the RA. A change in the growth conditions of a species can lead to a reduction in the range of residence. The main limiting factors for the species are difficult seed regeneration and global climate change.
It is an evergreen tree, up to 25 m tall, with a reddish-gray trunk up to 1 m in diameter, flat or scaly. Leaves persist for 5–8 years and are oblong-stellate shaped, flat, with prominent veins, sharp, short- petioled and shiny. The berries are bright red.
It grows in the lower and middle mountain zones, 700–1500 m at sea level, on the banks of rivers, in forests. It has valuable natural wood.
Author of photographs: Mkrtchyan Arman, director of “Zangezur biosphere complex” SNCO.