Let's Say "No" to Single-Use Plastic: Today the World Celebrates "International Plastic Bag Free Day"

July 3rd is International Plastic Bag Free Day, which is a good opportunity to inform the public once again that a plastic-free world is REAL and that there are sensible alternative solutions to single-use plastic bags.
Polyethylene bags thrown into the environment are preserved for a long time and do not undergo biological decomposition, as a result of which they cause permanent pollution.
They accumulate in the water, remain on the land, and cause irreversible damage to our environment, animal and plant life and human health. Even in landfills, they continue to harm the environment by releasing cancer-causing gases when exposed to the sun and by spontaneous combustion.
In order to reduce and prevent the sale and use of polyethylene and plastic bags, the Republic of Armenia has developed legislative regulations.
Reusable bags are widely used as alternative solutions in the market today: many factories are already producing them.
Everyone, starting from the producer to the final consumer, must responsibly respect and strictly observe the restrictions set by the Legislation of the RA for the common goal of having a clean environment.