Ten key climate change ideas have been presented at COP27 since 2021

The world's leading experts in the field of natural and social sciences presented ten main ideas of climate change at COP27 from 2021.
10 new discoveries of climatology present the main results of the latest climate change research this year and respond to clear calls for policy guidance during this critical decade.
In a general scientific report, scientists around the world emphasize and reveal the complex relationship between climate change and other risk factors, such as conflicts, pandemics, food crises and the development problems behind them.
These are the main topics covered in the report.
10 new ideas about climate change:

  1. Questioning the myth of endless adaptation
  2. Vulnerability hotspots cluster in ‘regions at risk’
  3. New threats on the horizon from climate-health interactions
  4. Climate mobility: From evidence to anticipatory action
  5. Human security requires climate security
  6. Sustainable land use is essential to meeting climate targets
  7. Private sustainable finance practices are failing to catalyse deep transitions
  8. Loss and Damage: The urgent planetary imperative
  9. Inclusive decision-making for climate-resilient development
  10. Breaking down structural barriers and unsustainable lock-ins