On September 24, at 11:00 public hearings will be held over the report about the lithoidal pumice mine/2nd and 3rd sections/ in Jraber


In accordance with the RA law on "Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise" /21.06.2014 HO-110-N/ as well as the defined order of the 36th paragraph of the 4th part of the Annex of the GoA (19.11.2014) N1325-N decree onJune 26, at 12:00 public hearings will be held in Kaputan village administration, the RA Kotayk Region, over the bid for the lithoidal pumice mine in Jraber,submitted by “Kaputanci Davit” LLC.

Meanwhile, we notify the public about the fact that as a result of the study of the bid it is envisaged to proceed with it within the scope of 4th point of the 5th part of Article 16 of the RA Law on “Impact Evaluation and Expertise on Environment”.

The activity accomplishment will have an impact on environment. Written remarks and proposals may be submitted to “Environmental Impact Expertise Center” SNCO.

The project documents can be found in the RA “Nature Protection Expertise” CJSC (Yerevan, 29 Komitas), the RA Ministry of Nature Protection official website(www.mnp.am), (tel.22-02-18, 22-15-68, 22-15-68).