Dear citizens, taking into consideration the end of state of emergency, guided by the RA law on “Specially Protected Areas of Nature” and the legislation of SPAs, the procedure of organizing and issuing permits for the entry into specially protected areas of nature are resumed.
Entry into the reserve zone or sanctuary area is permitted only with the relevant worker of the organization.
Entry into the territory of the reserve and sanctuaries:
Legal entities shall apply to the organization in advance to have an entry passport, which must include information about the objective of entering the area, time and the quantity of people,
tourism organizations can sign contracts in advance to organize tourism,
individuals can enter the territory after paying the fee defined by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and receiving a passport from the organization,
legal entities pay in advance to the bank account of the organization, and individuals pay both to the bank account and at the checkpoints of the reserve,
the organization publishes differentiated passports for individuals to enter the area of the reserve and sanctuary,
those entering the reserve or sanctuary area shall be registered in the reserve or sanctuary entrance register by the defined order,
The register is maintained by the organization.
In the area of the state reserve it is prohibited:
violation of habitats of the flora and fauna,
hunting, fishing,
storing of plants, flowers, fruits seeds, except for gathering collections for scientific research in the reserve area,
deforestation, grazing of livestock, haymaking and other violations of norms on vegetation,
geological survey works that cause damage to soil cover,
transportation  of motor and  caterpillars vehicles off public roads and waterways; making a stop off the road network or in places not envisaged for it,
any other activity that violates natural systems and objects or threatens their preservation.