The cleaning activities of the coastal zones and the forest layer subject to be covered with water are in progress at Lake Sevan


According to  the annual  programme of measures for 2020 to restore,  preserve,  reproduce, naturally develop and use the ecosystems of  Lake Sevan, the cleaning activities of  the coastal  zones and the forest layer  subject to be covered with water are in progress.
The coastal forest layer is cleaned of trees, bushes and other plant coexistences with the assistance of special technique and by hand.
The coastal zone up to 1901.5 m is to be cleaned up, a part of which has already gone under water, and another part has turned into a swamp.
The withdrawal of the residues of trees and shrubs from the coastal zones covered with water is directed to eliminating the causes of blue-green algae in Lake Sevan.
Earlier, last year about 140 hectares of the forest area were cleared from the coastal zones.
This year it is envisaged to clean up approximately 270 hectares of the coastal forest layer.
 Currently, over 50 hectares are completely cleaned up.
The main goal of all this is to restore the ecosystem of Lake Sevan and to ensure the unimpeded rehabilitation of the lake.
The video was made in Vardenis district of “Sevan” national park, in the administrative border of Tsovak community.