Adhering to the fire safety rules


Dear citizens, the directorate of “Khosrov Forest” state reserve SNCO calls for and  requests you to adhere to the rules of fire safety in the areas adjacent to the state reserve: do not throw burning matches, unextinguished cigarette butts, do not conduct burning of dry grass, household wastes, light  fire in envisaged areas, afterwards extinguish it with water or cover it with soil, do not leave bottles, pieces of glass in the area, which will bring about  the occurrence of fire, be cautions and vigilant. The more fire-hazardous period increases the risk of wildfires and spread in forested and adjacent vegetation areas. We kindly ask you to be more careful, back the preservation unit workers of the state reserve to avoid wildfires and other violations of the reserve regime.
Thank you in advance…“BE WATCHFUL”.
 Respectfully yours, the directorate of “Khosrov Forest” state reserve SNCO.