THE ACTIVITY PERIOD OF SNAKES: How to be cautious and what to do?


Snakes become active during the period from April to November.
Snakes usually come out of their nests mostly during morning and evening periods, and in the daytime they take up shelter in cooler places. In general, snakes lead a hidden lifestyle.
Snakes are not aggressive animals. They can only attack when they feel real danger or when the person tries to damage the animal.

1. Do not panic
2. Do not make sudden movements and stand still
3. Do not attempt to hit or damage the animal
4. Wait patiently until the snake crawls away.

In the case of a snakebite, it is necessary:
1. Call Immediately ambulance service at 103 or rush to the nearest medical facility.
2. Do not engage in self-medication
3. Do not touch the wound or try to solve the problem yourself
4. Do not make sharp movements (shake, for example, the hand that has been bitten by a snake)
5. In the case of a snakebite, regularly drink plenty of liquids
Additionally, there are 23 species of snakes in Armenia, of which only 4 are venomous. The South Caucasian Gyurza  is one of the poisonous snakes met in the territory of Yerevan. Mostly non-venomous snakes are met. If you have some knowledge about the species of snakes, then in the case of non-venomous snakebites, it is necessary to treat the wound with the means at hand (water, liquid with an alcoholic solution).
Be watchful and protect the environment.