There took place the professional-working discussion of "10/10/10" project at the Ministry of Environment, chaired by Minister Erik Grigoryan


Deputy Minister Vardan Melikyan, representatives of specialized subdivisions, SNCOs of the Ministry of Environment, representatives of sectorial  scientific organizations, NGOs, individual specialists and other stakeholders participated in the working discussion.
At the meeting there were considered qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the trees to be planted in the frames of "10/10/10" initiative, mapping of areas for reforestation, forest density and the effectiveness of planting some tree species. The issues regarding forest protection and further care, as well as climate characteristics were also highlighted.
The specialists came up with their concerns and proposed solutions.
During the multi-layer discussion, the possibility of planting wild fruit trees, species of saplings and seedlings, soil preparation and planting of mixed forest, inclusive of the scope of planting trees in riverbeds and areas adjacent to the roads were also considered.