The draft decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia on " Making amendments to the RA Government N 92-N decree (January 25 2005)" was adopted during today's session of the Government


Deputy Minister of Environment Irina Ghaplanyan submitted the relevant draft decree, notably  stating  that it is applied in a number of cases, including meant for estimating the damage caused to land resources as a result of breaches of the legislation of the Republic of Armenia. Since, damage calculation formulas are not applicable for the estimation of damage detected due to violations, as there are observed from the period of land violation (damage) to the period of making the initial (normative) appearance of land violated as a consequence of littering or pollution.
While executing a supervisory function, it is not possible to determine the moment of violation, only the moment of detection of the violation can be fixed. To define the method of calculating the period of the initial appearance of land violated as a result of littering or pollution with the objective to apply it in damage calculation formulas in the scope of supervisory functions.