Erik Grigoryan was elected Chairman of CIS Interstate Ecological Council


The 5th session of the Interstate Ecological Council of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)  took place in Yerevan, in the course of which Minister of Environment Erik Grigoryan was elected Chairman of the Council for a term of one year.  The representatives of the delegations who arrived in Yerevan discussed issues related to the methods of calculating emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, prospects for cooperation in climate change action, implementation of environmental projects, and international treaties in the sphere of environmental protection. Also, the sides shared their experience in waste management.
During the press conference followed by the session, Erik Grigoryan, Chairman of the Council, summarized the results of the works, noting that an agreement has been reached to activate sectorial activities, in a bid to prioritize innovative solutions to environmental issues. The speakers of the press conference stressed the importance of implementing collective measures to address global and regional environmental issues.