The session agenda of the Public Council featured issues concerning ecological status and illegal tree cutting of Lake Sevan


The issues regarding prevention of ecological status and illegal tree cutting of Lake Sevan were considered at the session of the Public Council attached to the Minister of Environment.
The participants of the discussion were introduced to the ecological status of Lake Sevan and the measures to address current bottlenecks. Particularly, there was made a reference to two main factors contributing to algae growth - the steps to be assumed to increase the level of the lake and to prevent water pollution. Also, other factors affecting the ecological balance of the lake and the ways to minimize their impact were identified.
The participants of the Public Council came up with their positions and propositions on the solution of the problem, highlighting the introduction of results-based monitoring and evaluation system, establishment of the norm of the quality of Lake Sevan, restoration of populations of koghak, etc. Minister of Environment Erik Grigoryan advised that the greater part of the voiced proposals are in progress, thus attributed importance to the cooperation with other scientific and expert institutions.
In the course of the discussion of illegal tree cutting issue, the latest legislative amendments undertaken by the Ministry of Environment for the solution of the problem were presented, by dint of which all legal gaps promoting illegalities were filled. Administrative fines were toughened by the legal norm as well, thereby envisaging criminal liability for specific cases. At the suggestion of the participants, the sides also reflected upon capacity-building of the SPAs and the actions initiated by the Ministry in the direction of supervising firefighting activities in the forested areas.