Approximately 720 million AMD to protect the population of Artik region from stone pit dust and floods


By dint of over 720 million AMD grant attracted from the International Environmental Fund, the problem of dust emitted from the existing and non-operating mines in Artik region will be addressed, which has damaged the health of the local population for decades. Taking into consideration the consequences of Artik's great flood (2016), the slopes of two drainpipes entering the city will be reinforced within the project scopes, and a rapid emergency response system will be set up. To this end, tree planting will be effected within 40 hectares of non-operating mines surrounding the city ; a modern recreational zone will be created, that the community does not have. Also, it envisages improved management for arable lands, pastures and grasslands for the population engaged in agriculture.
    It is the first project in the region funded by the Adaptation Fund, the effectiveness and transparency of its activities will provide an interdepartmental board comprised of community representatives. During the event held in Artik Municipality, a document was also signed among Artik, Harich, Nahapetavan, Vardakar communities and the Ministry of Environment, which will ensure the continued operation and preservation of the recreational area and drainpipes constructed after completion of the project.

The project is implemented by ''Environmental Project Implementation Unit’' State Institution.