The Minister of Environment convened the meeting of the representatives of the citizens holding an action of protest


Today, Minister of Environment Erik Grigoryan met with a group of residents of Aragats village, Aragatsotn region; in attendence was also MP Matevos Asatryan, who is elected from this elecroal district. The citizens came to the meeting from the protest site, where they expressed their dissatisfaction of operation of two SHPPs over Gegharot River, finding that in the period of their operation river water is not capable of purifying itself, which negatively impacts on agricultural crops and trees.
Minister Erik Grigoryan listened to those present at the meeting and informed that an interdepartmental working group was set up to solve the problem, within the framework of which "Environmental Monitoring and Information Center" SNCO conducts water quality survey. After the final results of the comprehensive researches, it will be possible to suggest solutions for the problem.
The Minister noted that presently, the two residents of Aragats village that are among the water monitoring group of Gegharot River besides the ministry staff, will also be involved in the process of summarizing the results of the interdepartmental working group. Minister Erik Grigoryan emphasized that the issue must be addressed within the framework of existing laws.