Clarification of the Ministry of Nature Protection


Environmental main issues, submitted by former Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Ayser Ghazaryan in the course of the press conference held in ''Sputnik Armenia'' press center - for the failure of which the latter blamed the ministry - were under his direct coordination, thus he was personally responsible for their solution.
It is worth mentioning that Ayser Ghazaryan was executive for activities of the forest sector, and the failure or defective performance of activities, the former Deputy Minister justified by sectorial corruption risks, only widely-known to him, since avoided supervising any actual, nominal actions and did not submit any targeted fact to the law enforcement bodies .
Also, Ayser Ghazaryan briefed at the press conference that the Ministry of Nature Protection did not want to voice the information on cleaning activities of the areas alongside the banks of Lake Sevan, canned whitefish, “Sevan Trout” CJSC in the previous years, which do not correspond to reality.
• The Ministry of Nature Protection applied to the RA General Prosecutor's Office with N 12900 note (25.12.2018), coming up with the proposal to examine the existence of possible corruption mechanisms detected in cleanup activities of the areas alongside the banks of Lake Sevan.
• The Ministry applied to the State Revenue Committee with N 4085 (26.02.2019) and N 40142 (25.03.2019) notes, coming up with the proposal to find out the circumstances of  production and export of whitefish canned food.
• The Ministry applied to the Security Council Office of the Prime Minister’s Staff with N 40414 note (20.05.2019),  to submit the activities of "Sevan Trout" CJSC among the negative impacts on the ecosystems of Lake Sevan.
The figure of the afforestation commitment (265,000 ha)   and the circumstance cited by Ayser Ghazaryan that Armenia has already assumed certain responsibilities under  the  UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and that the Ministry has undertaken no step to change that figure, do not correspond to reality.
First of all, let us note that this figure is fixed in the INDC document, adopted by N 41-5 protocol decree ( September 10, 2015, 4 years ago). Considering the document, as well as the indicators included therein  complex, (including the figure cited by the former Deputy Minister), the Ministry has embarked on elaboration of the document, and the submission deadline (2018)  of the final version was substituted with 2020 ( Armenia will assume its responsabilities under the convention only after submission of the final version). By the way, the instruction of updating the figure was also given to Ayser Ghazaryan, since in this case he, too, did not fulfill his duties.
Additionally, the Ministry of Nature Protection sent and sends a dozen of other notes on water use, mining, use of biodiversity and other violations to the law enforcement and relevant bodies, thereby undertaking the necessary changes in the case of legislative gaps.