Get Out of the Red Book


The third annual exhibition titled "Get Out of the Red Book" was organized in Yerevan Zoo on the initiative of "Naturalists" group of Ayntap Secondary School N2 after Byuzand Margaryan of Ararat region. The pupils made red-listed species from wastes, and displaying them during the exhibition, voiced their problems.
The project is aimed at organizing an annual exhibition in the frames of "Get Out of the Red Book" project in a bid to raise awareness about the bottlenecks of red-listed animals in Armenia, waste management and the involvement of other schools and groups in the project.
This year "Naturalists" group of Ayntap Secondary School N2 after Byuzand Margaryan, “Poqrik Ishkhan” educational complex and Sayat-Nova Secondary School of Ararat region were the exhibition participants. At the exhibition, the pupils displayed 35 red-listed samples made with their own hands. Also, the pupils exhibited how to give waste a second life.