The package of draft laws on prohobition of plastic bag usage was discussed


The public discussion was held in the Ministry of Nature Protection over the Ministry-developed package of draft laws directed to banning plastic bag usage. The proposed amendments envisage prohobition of free provision of plastic bags from July 1, 2019, and defining of a special tax from January 1, 2020. These measures will redound to reduction of plastic bag usage, thus it is planned to prohobit their sale in Armenia in 2023.
First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Irina Ghaplanyan emphasized that plastic bags are one of the major factors of environmental pollution, and the bottlneck demands a primary solution. The participants of the public discussion were advised that long-term researches, observations of international experience, inclusive of discussions with the stakeholders organized in the ministry were preceded by the elaboration of draft laws.
The officers of the company manufacturing and importing plastic bags suggested to impose the ban in phases, setting a long time for it, so that to be able to recycle their production. At the meeting, the members of non-governmental organizations submitted the outputs of long-term reseraches regarding the current and growing threats of plastic bags and their experience in combating thereof.
In the course of the two-hour consultation, the solution of the issue and the development of ways to boost its timing were signified. As a result of the exchange of ideas, it was decided to submit proposals in written form to the Ministry or to the draft laws section, published in website (reference: The business entities proposed to organize another public discussion over the bills, if necessary.