There took place a public discussion within ''Green Talin’’ project scopes


The public discussion was held in the fine arts school of the city of Talin, Aragatsotn region, in the frames of "Green Talin" project.
 The meeting was organized by the Ministry of Nature Protection, Talin Municipality and the Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development (UFSD).
“Green Talin” project is implemented on the margins of gradual reduction of single-use plastic kicked off in Armenia at the initiative of the Ministry of Nature Protection, targeted at the reduction of environmental pollution and efficacious fulfillment of waste management.
 In attendance were Head of Talin community Sargis Aramyan, Programme  Director  of the  Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development (UFSD) Armine Tukhikyan, specialists of the corresponding subdivision of the Ministry of Nature Protection and  the UFSD, teachers and pupils of the fine arts school of Talin.
It has been decided to install relevant waste recycling bins in the city with the backing of the Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development and to embark on the process of sorting household and plastic wastes. The pupils and teachers of the fine arts school were proposed to create sketches of logos symbolizing “Green Talin''- the best of which will be chosen as a symbol- the latter will serve as an efficient way of advising the public.
   Head of the community S. Aramyan expressed his willingness to be maximally engaged in continued activities of “Green Talin” project, coming up with proposals on promoting the creation of green zones, inclusive of advertising panels in Talin community. The meeting took a note of environmental projects to be performed with local and international organizations, offering all stakeholders to participate in the measures focused on addressing community issues.

Programme Director of the “Urban Foundation” A. Tukhikyan presented the issues over the installation of dual recycle bins, recycling of plastic bottles, as well as the fencing and repair works of Talin landfill.
In parallel with the consultation, surveys on the quantity of polyethylene bags were conducted in several shopping centers of Talin, turnover, as well as the society’s opinion and attitude.