"Eco House and Camp" civic initiative has made a statement, which solicits the reality, thus diminishing efficient and dedicated work of “Dilijan” national park in recent months.
The initiative accuses- in the video entitled "large-scale illegal cutting of trees"- noting that "exclusively large, expensive trees used to make furniture have been cut in Pishik district of “Dilijan” national park”. 
"If trees were cut by a poor villager, then a long time ago, both the forester and those doing their business at the expense of the forest, whose names are widely known in Dilijan, would have punished the latter," states the initiative, "WE ARE KEEN on how the administration did not see it and did not curb illegal felling of trees at the very beginning".
The Ministry of Nature Protection informs that the statements and transparent hints of "Eco House and Camp" civic initiative about the administration are unacceptable and absurd and do not correspond to the reality.
The case on illegal cutting of trees took place on December 9, 2018 (on Sunday), and here were damaged and cut up to 15 trees, which had demonstrative nature; illegally cut trees were not transferred, yet pointedly were left in the area.
On the same day, the workers of “Dilijan” national park immediately detected and recorded the Illegal felling and the people, who were in the site, and according to the defined order, briefed the law enforcement agencies, the ministry of nature protection and the mining inspection body. On December 28, the officers of Dilijan Police Division and the RA Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body supervised scene inspections.
It is crucial to advise that due to the inspection of 2017, there was detected a case on illegal cutting of about 10,000 trees, as a result of which 1 billion 600 million drams were estimated as damage caused to the state.
The situation changed drastically in the second half of 2018. Instead of thousand deforestations accomplished during the previous years, approximately a case on demonstrative and illegal logging of 30 trees was recorded; thereby they have been recorded and revealed by the national park.
It is an unprecedented indicator, which causes anxiety to different "beneficiaries" who have previously  existed, implementing various monitoring and supervision functions.
By the consent of the Ministry of Nature Protection,"Eco House and Camp" civic initiative has received over 15 million drams in the frames of combating illegal cutting of trees, rather than circulating fake information and soliciting the truthiness about the case on deforestation  detected and handed to the law enforcement agencies.
The Ministry of Nature Protection hails the importance and thankful for every alert, which is targeted at preserving and protecting the nature and it may not be in spheres of various interests.