The outputs of the next environmental project have been summarized


 The final workshop on “Best Available Techniques and Best Environmental Practices for the elimination of unintentionally produced POPs releases” project took place. The household waste sorting infrastructures had been set up in the landfill of the city of Ararat under one of the project's components.
The project was implemented by the Ministry of Nature Protection in collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and with funding of Global Environment Fund (GEF). In attendance were the representatives of concerned government agencies, the National Academy of Sciences and non-governmental organizations.
Deputy Minister of Nature Protection A. Ghazaryan said a welcome speech. Ghazaryan attached importance to the reduction of emissions of dioxins and furan in landfills, wastes, burning of biomass in fields and wildfires. UNIDO Project Manager Carmela Centeno noted that the successful implementation of the pilot project by the Ministry of Nature Protection will serve as an example not only for the Republic of Armenia, but also for the regional countries.
National Focal Point, Head of Hazardous Substances and Waste Policy Division of the Ministry of Nature Protection Anahit Aleksandryan submitted the implemented activities, legislative development, risk assessment, the results of improvement works of Ararat landfil. The workshop participants proposed to conduct similar projects in other regions of the republic.