There took place a workshop dedicated to the ozone layer protection; US$ 154,000 thousand in grants was allocotated to Armenia


At the initiative of the Ministry of Nature Protection-implemented Ozone project, a workshop over recapping the results of the activities accomplished by Armenia in 2018 in the direction of protecting the ozone layer took place.  The representatives of concerned state bodies, partner state and private organizations, sectorial scientists partook in the workshop.
In the course of the workshop, it was briefed that the Ministry of Nature Protection received a formal letter from the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol about the funding of US$ 154,000 thousand in grants allocated to Armenia in order to protect the ozone layer at the meeting of the Executive Committee.
In her greeting remarks, First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Irina Ghaplanyan emphasized the significance of the ozone layer protection in mitigating global climate change, and noted with satisfaction that Armenia supervises large-scale works and ensures tangible results under the Montreal Protocol.
Liana Ghahramanyan, National Coordinator for the  Ozone  Layer  Issues, presented that audiences of three vocational educational institutions of Yerevan and regions were equipped with modern equipment: equipment kits for  installation and maintenance of cooling and air conditioning apparatus , inclusive of vehicle air conditioning service equipment. 
In the frames of the ozone project, 40 HVAC technicians have been trained and provided with free of charge toolkits necessary for servicing in an ozone-friendly manner. Additionally, legislative reform package streamlining the sphere has been developed.
The event participants conducted a visit to Amberd ozone metric station, got acquainted with application of the only “Dobson” ozonometer equipment in the region and analysis of the monitoring outcomes.