Supervised actions addressed to climate change mitigation


On the margins of the visit of the preliminary assessment mission of Nationally Determined Contributions Partnership (NDC Partnership) under the Paris Agreement, the high-level roundtable discussion was held in the Ministry of Nature Protection. The top management of the Ministry of Nature Protection, members of the delegation from the NDC Partnership , Deputy Ministers coordinating corresponding fields of activities of the Ministries and officers of international projects were attendance of the meeting.
Addressing the event participants, Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan hailed the discussions targeted at identifying the framework of Armenia's commitments under the Paris Agreement. "Climate processes are not limited to environmental protection, but directly have impact on health, agriculture, energy and other fields. Therefore, collective work is required for the development and efficacious fulfillment of the national action plan under the Climate Change Adaptation Framework, as a result of which we will have sufficient capacities, approaches and the will with a focus on the activities of the development of a low-carbon economy and appropriate execution of Armenia's commitments on global platforms'': emphasized the Minister of Nature Protection.
Deputy Director of Country Engagement for the NDC Partnership Support Unit Romeo Bertolini attributed importance to the fruitful cooperation of the signatories to climate change mitigation and adaptation projects fulfillment.
First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Irina Ghaplanyan dwelt on the implementation of nationaly determined contributions, the present status of progress and challenges, legislative and institutional possible arrangements in her report. The First Deputy Minister deemed opinions false that environmental measures prevent ensuring economic indicators. As a counterbalance, it was noted that the environmental activities accomplished under the agreement will contribute to both job creation and economic growth.
The high-level meeting took a note of the current status and further steps of NDC Partnership. The working consultations will be next continued on November 17, in Conference Hall of Ani Plaza Hotel.