Discussed the possibilities of export and elimination of 1053 tons of pollutants in Nubarashen


Acting Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan held a working consultation over the results of UNDP/GEF-implemented project- "Elimination of obsolete pesticide stockpiles and addressing POPs contaminated sites within a sound chemicals management framework"- its further status. The officials of interested agencies, the UNDP and relevant subdivisions of the Ministry of Nature Protection were in attendance of that discussion. Also, Deputy Chief of Mission of French Embassy Claire Le Flerer,  Chief of Mission of German Embassy Klaus Wendelberger were invited to the meeting.
During the meeting there were considered the elimination variants of at least 1053 tones of the first category waste containing persistent organic pollutants in Nubarashen pesticide cemetery. Project Coordinator Gayane Gharagebakyan illustrated the list of German and French organizations specialized in eliminating organic wastes. The latter briefed that 4123 tons of polluted soil in Nubarashen is said to be neutralized within the project scopes.
In the wake of the consultation, it was proposed to take into consideration the advanced experience of Germany and France and Post-Soviet states in organizing a similar process, monitoring the support opportunities of export and elimination of 1053 tones of pollutants along with the governments of the aforementioned countries through the embassies.