Public reviews will be held over mineral extraction in Angeghakot basalt mine, submitted by ''Basalt 7'' LLC


In accordance with the RA law on "Environmental Impact Expertise" /21.06.2014 HO110-N/, as well as the defined order of the GoA (19.11.2014) N1325-N decree, public reviews scheduled for October 4, at 12:00, at the Administrative Head’s residence, Angheghakot settlement, Sisian community, Syunik Region, over the evaluation report of environmental impact assessments of mineral extraction of Angeghakot basalt mine, submitted by ''Basalt 7'' LLC, Syunik region (Public Review IV) will be moved to October 18, at 14:00.
The project documents can be found in the RA “Environmental Impact Expertise Center” SNCO (1/3 Buzand, Yerevan), the RA Ministry of Nature Protection official website (, (tel. 011/22-02-17).