Inviting users of refrigerated warehouses to take part in an energy efficient pilot project


In the frames of UNIDO “Establishing a regional center for capacity building specialists in refrigeration and air conditioning sector” the Ministry of Nature Protection invites interested organizations to participate in a selection process of replacing outdated  refrigeration equipment operating in refrigerated warehouses with new and eco-friendly ones or with the construction of modern cold storage warehouses.

The procurement and installation of the refrigeration equipment will be conducted at the end of 2018 and in the half of 2019 within the scopes of the aforementioned project.
The refrigerated warehouse shall meet the following standards:

1. Fruit and vegetable storage
2. Inventory turnover: 5 tons per day
3. The amount of stored product: 40-50 tons
4.  The capacity of refrigerated warehouse - up to 600 m3
5.  The storage temperature - from + 2 to + 4 ° C
6. Thermal insulation of walls and ceiling

Interested organizations are kindly asked to be registered until October 15 of the current year, by sending e-mails to and e-mails,     including the following information: 

1. Enterprise name
2. Field of activity
3. Name and last name of the head
4. Name and last name of the contact person
5. E-mail address
6. Phone Number
7. The significance of  refrigerated warehouse
8.  The plan of refrigerated warehouse
9.  The description of operating refrigeration equipment; refrigerant type and quantity.