MNP subdivisions engaged in World Cleanup Day activities


On September 15 the workers of the Ministry of Nature Protection Staff accomplished cleaning works in the vicinity of “Karmir Blur” (Red Hill) archaeological site within the framework of World Cleanup Day. Additionally, separated and regional subdivisions of the ministry conducted cleaning works in specially protected areas of nature and forestries located in all the regions of Armenia. International organizations joined the event as well.
On the margins of the visit conducted to Syunik region,
Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan and Deputy Minister Gnel Sanosyan visited "Shikahogh" state reserve of “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex” SNCO and the areas of  regional divisions of "Hayantar" (ArmForest) SNCO. They took part in the activities done by employees of  Syunik Regional Division within World Cleanup Day scopes.
Also, the pupils of Kapan secondary schools joined cleanups of the area adjacent to Saint Stepanos forerunner church in Shikahogh. The Minister of Nature Protection through the local mass media urged the citizens not to pollute the environment with municipal solid waste, remarkably with single-use plastic containers and bags, which will demand for decades to decay them.
In attendence were Syunik Region Governor Karen Hambardzumyan, Deputy Governors Hermine Hambardzumyan and Narek Babayan, Narek Ghahramanyan, Acting Head of Kapan enlarged community.
 Team members of “IDeA” foundation as volunteers have initiated World Cleanup Day in Armenia. 150 countries, including Armenia, have joined the World Cleanup Day movement.