A working visit to Syunik region


The delegation led by Minister Erik Grigoryan conducted a working visit to Syunik Region.
The delegation comprised Deputy Minister Gnel Sanosyan, heads of corresponding subdivisions of the staff and regional divisions, KfW Environmental Project Coordinator Alvaro Bernal, team members of "Support Program for Protected Areas - Armenia" (SPPA-A) project (€ 8.25 million).   
Reference was made to environmental issues of the region in the course of the working consultation organized with Syunik Region Governor Karen Hambardzumyan. Deputy Governors Hermine Hambardzumyan, Narek Babayan, Acting Head of Kapan enlarged community Narek Ghahramanyan, Head of Meghri community Mkhitar Zakaryan were engaged in the consultation. Addressing the guests, Erik Grigoryan presented the objectives of the visit, the status of activities of Syunik Regional Divisions, ongoing and envisaged projects, and assured of readiness to consider issues of topical interest with the  regional governance bodies. Syunik Region Governor raised the issue of providing firewood to the residents of the communities adjacent to “Shikahogh” state Reserve and high-mountain communities, in response to which Minister Erik Grigoryan advised that Syunik Forestry of "Hayantar" SNCO will provide 2300m3 firewood to the residents, since  prioritized efficacious implementation of already initiated projects to give long-term solutions to similar problems.  The Minister of Nature Protection next emphasized that the fight against illegal tree cutting will be strengthened and the regional divisions are equipped with technical means to that effect. The Mayor of Meghri extended a vote of thanks to the workers of “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex, specifically "Areviq" national park’s staff for their active participation in fire extinguishing operations effected in the areas nearby the protected areas, as a result of which they were put out and on the whole  did not damage the protected areas.   
On the first day of the visit Erik Grigoryan and KfW Environmental Project Coordinator Alvaro Bernal handed "Support Program for Protected Areas - Armenia" (SPPA-A) project grant-acquired vehicle ownership certificates to  Directors of "Zangezur" Biosphere Complex and “Kapan Forestry” branch of Committee of Forest of the Ministry of Nature Protection.
The working group of the Ministry of Nature Protection along with the Governor and the Deputy Governor met with the regional non-governmental organizations and residents of communities. During the absorbing discussion Minister Grigoryan answered the questions of interest to the audience. With reference to some bottlenecks, the heads of relevant subdivisions were tasked to make issues clear that need to be clarified, briefing citizens on the responses.
It is envisaged to purchase a building by means of SPPA-A project, where Syunik regional divisions of the Ministry of Nature Protection will be located. The working group paid a visit to the above mentioned building to get acquainted with the proposed conditions.
   Erik Grigoryan held a working consultation with the top management of regional divisions of the Ministry of Nature Protection, during which activities of divisions, existing concerns and steps directed to their solution were submitted. The Minister of Nature Protection made a point of the maintenance regime, which is targeted at ensuring provision of vehicles and capacity building activities to divisions. It was noted that some of the vehicles will be equipped with fire fighting apparatus, thus implying an oppertunity to combat fires in hard-to-reach areas.
   On the second day of the visit, officers of the working group participated in the events held in the frames of World Cleanup Day.
   Syunik Region Governor Karen Hambardzumyan, Deputy Governors Hermine Hambardzumyan, Narek Babayan, Acting Head of Kapan enlarged community Narek Ghahramanyan and pupils of Kapan secondary schools partook in the event.