The seminar apropos of safety assessment of tailings was held in Tsakhkadzor


  At the initiative of “Eco Peace” Ecological NGO, within "Providing assistance to security betterment of industrial storage pools: tailings in Armenia" project scopes, there took place a training seminar on safety assessment of tailings in Tsaghkadzor on September 3-7, 2018. 
In attendence were representatives of Ministries of Nature Protection, Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources, Emergency Situations, as well as interested state and private organizations. The sectorial leading experts had arrived in Armenia from Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia to participate in the lessons.
The international experts conducted the seminar. The project was targeted at upgrading specialists - having various powers in this sphere - with new and advanced mechanisms, within the framework of which practical researches had also been supervised in the area of "Nahatak" tailing of Akhtala Mining Processing Enterprise” CJSC.
The meeting took a note of security assessment of tailings, environmental degradation and generation of large-scale wastes from mineral extraction, conditioned by tailings.
The working group of the Armenian delegation comprised corresponding specialists of higher education institutions, including Chief Specialist of the Department of Underground Resources and Land Protection Policy A. Avagyan and Chief Specialist of Waste and Atmosphere Emissions  Management Agency L. Ghazaryan of the Ministry of Nature Protection.
Afterwards, the participants were presented with certificates.