It was considered the status of the project targeted at modernization of energy efficiency of buildings


Chaired by Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan, the session of United Nations Development Programme – Green Climate Fund (UNDP-GCF) “De-risking and Scaling-up Investment in Energy Efficient Retrofits” project was held.
The above mentioned project - financed by Green Climate Fund (GCF) and implemented by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Armenia from the existing housing fund, thus ensuring about 50-60 percent energy saving through buildings thermal insulation. The Project is the 10th financed by the GCF globally and the first one in the Eurasian region; the grant amount of USD 20 million has been allocated for this project fulfillment.
After opening remarks made by Project’s Co-Chairs Erik Grigoryan and UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Armenia Dmitry Mariyasin, the attendees approved the agenda and the new staff of the council.
Responding to Minister Erik Grigoryan's question whether the proposals on increasing the amount of thermal insulation in public buildings and financial subsidy envisaged for residential buildings voiced during the previous session were taken into account, UNDP Climate Change Programme Coordinator in Armenia Diana Harutyunyan informed that the modifications to the project was sent to the funding organization.
Project Manager Vahram Jalalyan presented the activities performed  within a year, inclusive of the annual work plan to the Council. Marina Olshanskaya, Regional Technical Advisor, delivered  a report on further works and issues to be addressed.
Due to the discussions, the Council approved the works conducted on the margins of the project during the previous period.