Minister E. Grigoryan have summarized the activities performed by the Ministry over the past 100 days


   Today, Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan summed up the works accomplished by the Ministry in the 100-day period of his tenure and presented current and prospective projects.
   Erik Grigoryan outlined the simplification of permits, licensing and environmental compliances procedures issued by the Ministry, which resulted in ruling out subjective approaches and unnecessary extensions. The works are going on to provide them online, thereby reducing corruption risks. Due to the implemented reforms, according to the Minister, the amount of environmental usage payments charged for hunting permits has increased by approximately 100 percent in the current year.
 It has been bolstered conservation-related measures of specially protected areas of nature subordinate to the Ministry. The workers' salaries have been raised up by 50%, while increase in wages in some SNCOs have been up by 100% and large-scale technical upgrades have been realized to that effect.
The Minister of Nature Protection delivered  information about attracting and pre-signed grants from international donor organizations, informing that efficiency and targeted factor of their use has been enhanced.
Returning to the process of environmental expertise, Minister Grigoryan briefed that presently, there is a new methodology. Two international experts have been hired by financial resources of international projects - who survey expertise documents -afterwads a positive assessment is given to them.
   To create an integrated database, abandoned or districts without owner, closed tailings were studied - occupied by mining wastes - which had not been done before. According to the preliminary agreement, the European Union will allocate around 5 million euros as a targeted grant for the rehabilitation of the above mentioned inventoried areas.

  Besides addressing technical equipment and capacity building matters, efforts are exerted to make the monitoring data available to everyone by mobile telephone applications (apps) in the frames of environmental monitoring system betterment. 

Answering the questions of journalists about the results of recent inspections conducted by the Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body, the Minister of Nature Protection stated that a working group was set up by his decree, which  comprised of researchers of relevant institutions of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the officer of the Inspection Body, the scientists that along with the latter  researched and found a red-listed butterfly and  a supposed plant, as well as Scientist Alexander Danchenko from Moscow State University: the author of “Squamata or butterflies” section in the Red Book of Animals of the Republic of Armenia. 

“The existence of “Apollo” butterfly species included in the Red Book has not been denied, since according to the assessment, the area where the individual has been observed is not its habitat. With reference to the alleged red-listed "Acantholimon caryophyllaceum Boiss", another species belonging to the family of the mentioned plant has been detected, which is not red-listed," Minister Grigoryan said.
The Minister of Nature Protection responded to enviornmental bottlenecks, other issues regarding projects directed to addressing sectorial concerns.