The initiative to refuse single-use plastic was considered with responsible persons of supermarkets, large commercial networks


First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Irina Ghaplanyan met with the executives of large commercial networks, supermarkets of the republic on the margins of the initiative of single-use plastic refusal kicked off in Armenia by the undertaking of the Ministry of Nature Protection. Addressing those present, the First Deputy Minister briefed on the status of the initiated process, attributed importance to the meetings and discussions with representatives of various groups: non-governmental organizations, trade industry, suppliers of polyethylene products.
“Today, the Ministry of Nature Protection has developed and is discussing the package of legislative amendments directed to reducing polyethylene bags and containers with the objective to find the most efficacious taxable options. One of our priorities is to arrive at a consumer’s behavioural change through public awareness-raising, social advertising, inclusive of environmental-oriented programs, thereby constantly reminding of harmful effects of polyethylene substances”: Irina Ghaplanyan noted.
 Large commercial network managers came up with their proposals and views on introducing gradual refusal mechanisms from polyethylene bags.