Prospects of ecotourism development in specially protected areas of nature


Minister of Nature Protection Gnel Sanosyan met with the representatives of three dozen tourism organizations. The meeting was also attended by relevant heads of subdivisions of the Ministry of Nature Protection. There were considered ecotourism development in specially protected areas of nature (SPAs) for 2018, as well as cooperation issues.
The meeting took a note of establishing ecotouristic integrated information systems and developing advertising projects, signing contracts with touristic agencies, translators, waste disposal-related issues.
The Deputy Minister referred to the issues concerning enhancement of touristic routes with the application of new technologies, development and application of green visas, introduction of electronic payment systems, service delivery for tourism advancement in the future. The ecotourism advancement will also make a contribution to the dissemination of information about SPAs, and everyone visiting there will be closer and will value our rich nature, thus getting involved in its preservation.