Forestry managers from Sweden conducted a visit to SPAs


  23 forest owners and managers from Sweden paid a vist to Armenia, "Sevan" and "Dilijan" national parks, got acquainted with biodiversity, peculiarities and preservation potential of specially protected areas of nature.
     The Swedish forestry managers also were hosted to the The Centre for Environment Education  of “Zikatar” environmental center” SNCO of the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia located about 9 km from Koghb village, Tavush Region, toured the forests of “Zikatar” state sanctuary and familiarized with the sample plots created in the 1970-80s.
At the professional discussion Dr. A. Westerland, supervisor of the Swedish group presented information over ownership forms and management characteristics of  the Swedish forests. "55% of the land area is covered by productive forests in over 25 percent of all forest land in Sweden (five times more than the Armenian index), 350.000 forest owners are registered. The forests of our team members cover about 50-400 hectares, where wood harvesting and restoration works are regularly conducted. The annual cut stands at around 80 million wood cubic meters, the current annual growth stands at approximately 100 million cubic meters; mandatory forest restoration measures are supervised in the cut areas, thus the forest benefits from it and makes significant investment in the socioeconomic development of the country'': The supervisor of the group stated.

Hayk Ghulijanyan, Director of “Zikatar” environmental center” SNCO delivered information regarding recent reforms performed in the forest sector of Armenia and the activities of the centre. He emphasized that there are key prerequisites for ecotourism service delivery and development in “Zikatar” sanctuary and adjacent areas (rich biodiversity, historic and nature monuments, accommodations, playgrounds, basins, etc.); thereby taking it into account, an ecotourism information centre was established within “ENPI FlEG” project scopes. Besides, he briefed that there were held orientation contests in Zikatar forest within 2008-2013 with the participation of over 50 representatives of Scandinavian countries.

The guests were also informed that “Zikatar” SNCO is a member organization of International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), which deals with forest-related challenges and the ninth conference of the CIS countries was the first to be held there with participation of forty forest experts from thirty countries.