The respective methods of tree pruning must be developed for each community


 Chaired by RA Minister of Nature Protection Khachik Hakobyan, the next consultation of the working group on developing the decree draft of the RA Government defining  the guiding principles of species composition of greenbelts in settlements and the methodological guidelines for tree pruning was held.
    The frequently voiced alertness of the society created the grounds for the document processing and preparation: local self-government bodies accomplish  tree pruning at their own discretion or make cuts deeper in many cases.
By the developed decree, the methodology for pruning of trees and shrubs in settlements will be streamlinbed, defining the provision for the establishment of the respective order for each settlement. The opinions and propositions received from the specialized scientific institutions over the separate provisions of the developed document were considered at the discussion.
   Khachik Hakobyan, summerizing the working meeting, suggested to finalize the draft based on the observations and circulate it among the intrested departments within a short time period.