On May 9, Director of “Dilijan” national park Armen Abrahamyan alongside Head of the Conservation Unit Benyamin Sargsyan and two activists of "Eco House and Camp" initiative executed an inspection to clarify the truthiness of the news about illegal felling in the area of “Dilijan” national park posted on “Sos” TV channel of Facebook social networking website.    
As a result of the collective inspection procedures, it turned out that the oak tree was not fully cut / it was not cut the trunk side of the tree/ in the 5th area of “Hagharcin district” branch. "Dilijan" NP SNCO prepared materials for handing to the RA Police Dilijan Unit of Tavush Region. There were detected 4 freshly cut tree trunks in the 3rd area of the same branch.
During the joint inspections the information delivered in the video was not confirmed, according to which illegal cutting of trees was done in the vicinity of Lake Parz, the 10th area of “Hagharcin district” branch. The trunks of all cut trees as shown in the video are old, numbered and sealed. The activists of "Eco House and Camp" initiative were also convinced.
The most part of the trees recorded in the video “SOS” TV channel is the wood: trees damaged by the wind and snow, that were sold to the residents of Dilijan community due to the defined order, since the absence of the road was the reason that it was not transferred.
 Besides, we notify that the RA Ministry of Nature Protection prioritizes illegal tree cutting issue and conducts corresponding measures towards it. Particularly, the Ministry signed the Framework Agreement (FA) with the Caucasus Wildlife Fund (CNF) in 2009 with a focus on the support to bolster preservation of specially protected areas of nature. The Ministry of Nature Protection of RA has always addressed and supported the activities accomplished by CNF in the forest sector under which "Eco House and Camp" initiative operates. The Ministry of Nature Protection extends a vote of thanks to the concerned citizens for the assistance and urges the residents of the communities adjacent to “Dilijan” national park to assist in combating illegal cutting of trees. Meanwhile, we call for your correctness in the publications.