A memorandum of partnership was signed between the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA and ''Gagik Tsarukyan'' Charity Foundation


A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA and ''Gagik Tsarukyan'' Charity Foundation at the conference hall of ''Multi Grand Hotel'' complex. Artsvik Minasyan, the Minister of Nature Protection, and Gagik Tsarukyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of ''Gagik Tsarukyan'' Charity Foundation signed the memorandum.

  Addressing the attendees and attaching importance to the memorandum signing, Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan stated: "The phenomenon is remarkable and a culture can be fostered in our country, thereby even developed countries can follow and apply it. In comparison with other countries (with reference to the territory) our state has wealthy biodiversity. It is extremely important that Gagik Tsarukyan, the well-known political figure, offers his assistance aimed at  implementing the instruction of the President of Armenia, notably environmental and conservation-related programs. When you get acquainted with the works that Mr. Tsarukyan has done in environmental sphere: investments, caring attitude and approaches, motivating confidence which can set a positive example for our compatriots in the future, who have the desire, opportunity, or love towards nature. The objective of this undertaking is not only to make the miracles of our nature world-famous, but also keep it in the first place”: A. Minasyan said and noted that the cooperation is transferring to a level, where specially protected areas of nature will be enforced by legal acts, and clear-cut rules will be applied with the view to preventing illegal hunting, breaches of flora and fauna.

 Additionally, the Minister of Nature Protection attributed significance apropos of ecotourism development and providing solutions to socio-economic issues.
 Gagik Tsarukyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of ''Gagik Tsarukyan'' Charity Foundation, emphasizing the efficient cooperation alongside the Minister of Nature Protection, stated that the overall goal of the cooperation is to preserve more flora and fauna areas. To arrive at these goals, the foundation is ready to support any project and everyone’s efforts are required  to have well-stocked results in the problem-solving procedure.
The joint actions envisaged by the memorandum will contribute to the protection, improvement and rehabilitation of the environment, the establishment of specially protected areas of nature, ecotourism development and strengthening supervision, thus investing technical and financial resources, human resources, and professional knowledge.
 By the memorandum the sides will develop and conduct environmentally friendly programs for which the fund will give assistance (including financial support). It is planned to intensify capacity-building of the Ministry of Nature Protection and the Body implementing environmental supervision within the scope of these programs.  The activities will also be done to conduct capacity-building of the management mechanisms for established or operating specially protected areas of nature.
The Parties will regularly inform each other on the elaboration, implementation and monitoring of the programs and will hold meetings to consider the fulfillment status of the memorandum and project future tasks.

 As a first step of cooperation, the foundation presented 10 Niva cars to the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA.