The announcement of “Khosrov Forest” State Reserve


“Khosrov Forest” state reserve made a statement, it says:

“These days, we all know of a disastrous fire, which caused damage to the reserve. The media, social networks carry on with discussions and responses. Everybody is worried, concerned, thus trying to give assistance to us by some means in order to combat a vast wildfire. A fire broke out on August 12 caused damage to a century-old, unique reserve of its kind in the region.

We were not alone, while trying to put out the disastrous fire. There were many people standing beside us, caring and concerned about the reserve in fire flames, moreover they did their utmost to extinguish the fire. We express a vote of thanks to the RA citizens standing beside us with the perception that “Khosrov Forest'' state reserve is our prosperity.

On behalf of the entire staff of ''Khosrov Forest'' state reserve, we notably thank:

  • The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia led by dear Minister Davit Tonoyan, who was at the reserve along with his employees by personally organizing, supervising, participating in the firefighting operations in all time.
  • The staff of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and SNCOs headed by Minister Artsvik Minasyan for supporting us all the time, during these hard days.
  • The officers of “State Forest Monitoring Center” SNCO and “Hayntar” SNCO of RA Ministry of Agriculture. The workers of Ararat Regional Administration led by Aramayis Grigoryan; they also came to the aid in the course of these days.
  • Ararat Police Department, especially Sevan Qocharyan, who was engaged in firefighting activities alongside his officials.
  • The commanding and military staffs of AF Military units of the RA Ministry of Defense located in the RA Ararat and Vayoc Dzor Regions for devoted work.
  • Director of WWF Armenia Karen Manvelyan and his workers for technical assistance.
  • RA National Coordinator of Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF) Arman Vermishyan for technical aid.
  • GIZ Office Armenia, particularly Advisor Armen Gevorgyan for technical support.
  • UNDP Environmental Governance Portfolio Coordinator Armen Martirosyan for the help.
  • The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), remarkably Robert Khachatryan.
  • We are grateful to the residents of the adjacent communities for attaining their efforts in helping us.
  • We are also thankful to some compatriots living in the Russian Federation, that were not able to personally stand beside us, suggested a helping hand and suffer a great pain for the fire.
  • We express gratitude to the representatives of the mass media for the objective coverage resulting in forming a special attitude among our conscious citizens, who offered their service within the hard period for the reserve.

Thanks to our joint efforts, the risk of fire spread has presently been neutralized and firefighting operations are in progress.

Yet, our losses are invaluable and we do hope that some of our losses will be rehabilitated, whereas we will accomplish the preservation of our reserve with care and watchfulness.

“Khosrov Forest” State Reserve SNCO