The staff of RA MNP regional subdivisions effected cleaning activities within the nationwide clean-up day scopes


On July 29 employees of RA MNP subdivisions also teamed up in the nationwide clean-up day within “Clean Armenia” project scopes.

“Sevan NP” SNCO workers cleaned the adjacent areas to the office. Security officers of SNCO accomplished cleanups of public beaches, thus branch employees fulfilled cleaning works in their subordinate areas.

“Zangezur” Biosphere Complex” SNCO officials under the theme “Let us preserve and protect our Mother Nature together” carried out cleaning and rehabilitation works in the vicinity of Visitor Center of Shikahogh, “Shikahogh” state reserve, “Plane Grove” and “Zangezur” sanctuaries, “Areviq” national park.

Kotayk Regional Division of the State Environmental Inspectorate implemented cleaning activities in Arzakan community, RA Kotayk Region, the areas alongside the banks of Dalarik river.

The officers of regional subdivisions in other regions performed cleanups in specially protected areas of nature/SPAs/ and nearby areas of the communities.