Cases of violations of norms on illegal logging were detected


Thanks to the collective inspection procedures supervised by “Dilijan” national park SNCO employees and Police Tavoush division, there were detected illegally cut trunks in various diameteres of 14 oaks and 3 hornbeams, approxiametely 2 m3 oak wood and deforestation of 5 oaks in “Qyoloz Dzor” field in the 7th unit of “Hagarcin” district of “Dilijan” national park.

Marine Petrosyan, Inspector of 7th area of “Hagarcin” district of “Dilijan” national park SNCO briefed, that she noticed A. Tamamyan and A. Poghosyan sawing off wood /on June 5, at 17:00/.

The detected wood was handed to the Forester of “Hagarcin” district of “Dilijan” national park SNCO. Professional survey over the case was commissioned at the police.