RA Minister of Nature Protection had a meeting with the citizens and representatives of the mass media concerned about the issue of Lake Gosh


On April 22 a public review was held at the RA Ministry of Nature Protection over Lake Gosh issues; the citizens concerned about the issue as well as representatives of means of communication were engaged in it. An arrangement for the meeting was reached during “AUA Ecotourism Conference, 2017”. Artsvik Minasyan expressed gratitude for the meeting, stressing that he set great store on the urge, wish and mutual confidence to fulfill promises.

''My objective is not only to conduce to submitting relevant demands but also direct them to address actual environmental concerns, thus desiring your belief in this pivotal idea: the RA Ministry of Nature Protection is willingly not only to completely implement the activities under the mandate of our Ministry by the RA legislation and laws, but also make the entire management system of natural resources as sustainable development grounds for both our state, society and future generation. I may not retreat over this principal in any way and by means of your active support I will be thankful and ready to focus my every effort and enthusiasm to give rise to this aim'': Minister Artsvik Minasyan noted, initiating the meeting.

The Minister currently informed, that “Vendor” LLC put a stop to the whole activities, there was conducted performance assessment by reproving the forester for not being well informed about the works of the company. The Minister notified that an administrative fine will be imposed on the company undertaking activities in the area of Lake Gosh without the positive conclusion of environmental expertise. Artsvik Minasyan prohibits any action accomplishment in the vicinity of Lake Gosh, which will cause damage to the lake as well as ecosystem of the latter.

RA Minister of Nature Protection briefed that the National Park will conduct sludge removal of the area alongside the shore in order to organize the activities properly, whereas “Vendor” LLC will pay for the aforementioned works. Reflecting upon the agreement dissolving issue raised by environmental activists, the Minister said, that they act by the law, pursuant to the agreement provisions; moreover, any action shall not be done beyond the legal scope. Additionally, they returned to several environmental issues, including deforestation and nature protection at over two-hour meeting.

The Minister emphasized, that there is envisaged to supervise reforms within the ministry and they are taking measures towards them. The Minister gave directives regarding some issues: close waste disposal containers nearby Lake Gosh and a probable change of entrance fees. At the suggestion of the Minister, Concerned Citizens for Environmental Issues Council attached to the Minister will be formed, which will ensure public involvement in environmental issues. Afterwards, Citizen Tigran Shahbazyan was presented with a certificate for identifying issues on nature protection and watchful job while detecting the cases of damages caused to the nature.