Several decrees related to nature protection were submitted to the Government of the Republic of Armenia


Today the draft of the protocol decree of the GoA was presented tothe approval of the Government (April 21, 2016).

  1. The RA decree draft on “Making amendments to N 123-N decree (February 10, 2011) of the GoA, to N 1555-N decree (December 24, 2015) of the GoA and budgeting for the RA Ministry of Nature Protection”.

The adoption of this protocol decree is conditioned by increase of number of wolves in that the Republic of Armenia attacking both pets and people. The decree has the objective to award people for the hunted 200 wolves in 2016 with 123.000 AMD and budget 24.669.2 thousand AMD for the Ministry of Nature Protection from the RA State Budget Fund. Additionally, it envisages prohibiting usage of traps so that other animals would not be hunted. The passing will ensure the regulation of wolf quantity and balance of natural ecosystem.

  1. The decree draft on “Providing “Sevan Aqua” CJSC on the basis of construction permission without a competition.

The adoption is conditioned by the necessity of implementation complex programs on regeneration and fish breeding of ishkhan in Lake Sevan.

Within the scope of the program to provide “Sevan Aqua” CJSC with 0.6445ha area in Sevan National Park situated in Karchaghbyur community in the RA Gegharkunik Region for conducting various activities of the company.

The decreeswerepassed by the Government of the Republic of Armenia and will enter into force the day after the official publication.