Two bears of “Bear Place” restaurant complex were transferred to Caucasus Wildlife Refuge in Urcadzor


On October 23 the foreign means of mass media published an article about two bears kept in the area of “Bear Place” restaurant complex in Hrazdan Gorge. Due to the inspection procedures accomplished by Yerevan regional subdivision on the assignment of Head of Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body of the RA MNP (October 24, 2017), it turned out that the cage sizes envisaged for bears do not meet the requirements established with N725-N decree of the GoA (June 26, 2009) on “Defining the procedure of keeping and using wild animals (including red listed) in captivity and semi-captivity”. As a result of an explanation talk, the directorate of the restaurant complex expressed willingness to pass bears to animal welfare organizations.
On October 31 the workers of the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) in cooperation with specialist of the Zoological Garden of Yerevan, with the support of the Ministries of Nature Protection and Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia organized the transfer of bears to Caucasus Wildlife Refuge in Urcadzor. On November 1 there will be held the official ceremony of Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre for bears and the launch of Brown Bear Rescue Initiative through the joint efforts of VivaCell-MTS, International Animal Rescue (IAR), Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam under the aegis of RA Ministry of Nature Protection in Urcadzor community, RA Ararat region.  

The specialists of the Zoological Garden of Yerevan put animals to sleep and vaccinated while they were sleeping, and transferred animals to the newly established refuge from the uncomfortable cage without difficulties.