A Discussion was Held at Minister of Nature Protection of Armenia Aramayis Grigoryan with Representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations Concerned with the Problem of Additional Water Releases from Lake Sevan


The discussion was held at Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan with representatives of non-governmental organizations concerned with the problem of additional water releases from Lake Sevan.  The representatives expressed their concerns during the meeting on May 13 towards the Government decision to increase release of extra water from Lake Sevan not only for irrigation but also for energy purposes. In particular, environmental activists suspect that annually within 5 years additional 70 million cubic meters water has been released by “RusHydro” CJSC to cover 250 million USD credit received from Asian Development Bank for reconstruction of Sevan-Hrazdan HPP cascade.

In order to clarify the problem a meeting was held at the Ministry of Nature Protection, which was attended by representatives of Environmental Public Alliance Silva Adamyan, Head of “Ecological Academy” NGO Gretta Gabrielyan, Head of “Union of Public Defenders” NGO Aram Grigoryan, Finance Director of “RusHydro” CJSC Arman Mkhitaryan, Director of ArmWaterProject Institute Yuri Javadyan and representatives of relevant subdivisions of the Ministry.

Minister of Nature Protection stressed in his speech that Sevan is one and its problems are common for us. “We have to be extremely careful towards the values of nature and water resources having a strategic character. At the same time we should be able to realistically assess the situation, separating the current problems from circulating fears and anxiety. This is why we are gathered today to discuss and answer to all questions.”

The representatives of NGOs thanked the Minister for organizing the meeting and giving them an opportunity to represent their concerns. Finance Director of “RusHydro” CJSC Arman Mkhitaryan assured that releasing additional water from Lake Sevan has no connection with the reconstruction program of Sevan-Hrazdan HPP cascade.

Director of ArmWaterProject Institute Yuri Javadyan explained that the state was forced to additional water release from Lake Sevan, because of a scarce-water year due to weather conditions.

During the discussion, the problem was explained to some extent and other environmental problems have also been raised. It was suggested to organize similar working discussions in future over the other environmental issues disturbing NGOs.

Concluding the meeting, Aramayis Grigoryan once again thanked the NGOs for their willingness to cooperate and stressed that the environmental problems facing the republic should be in the center of everyone's attention and must be solved by joint efforts.