A Memorandum of partnership was signed between the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and “Armenian Marketing Association” NGO


Today a memorandum of partnership was signed between the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and “Armenian Marketing Association” NGO, which was ratified by Minister Artsvik Minasyan and President of Armenian Marketing Association Aram Navasardyan. The signing ceremony was attended by Advisor to the Minister of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia Artsrun Pepanyan, Director of “Environmental project implementation unit” M. Galstyan, Head of Bioresources Management Agency A. Tarzyan, Director of State Museum of Nature of Armenia G. Ghazaryan, Head of Department of International Cooperation R. Grigoryan, Head of Information and Public Relation Department A. Vardanyan, officers of “Armenian Marketing Association” NGO D. Khumaryan and G. Dajunc.  
The parties to the memorandum expressed readiness to imply their capacities in preservation, improvement and restoration of environment, including specially protected areas of nature, support for the development of ecotourism throughout Armenia as well.
Artsvik Minasyan noted that the cooperation focuses on the implementation and development of projects addressed to growth of specially protected areas of nature /SPAs/, particularly creating prerequisites to develop and localize touristic projects in accordance with international standards. According to the Minister of Nature Protection, collective works will be accomplished by developed projects within the scope of the memorandum targeted at enhancing vocational qualifications of the organizations executing management and protection of specially protected areas of nature, employees of State Museum of Nature of Armenia, thereby providing training in marketing, management, ecotourism and other spheres and attributing importance to organizing of visits to other countries with the objective to get acquainted with  international best practice and implement it. “The cooperation establishes a vast field of actions meant for the future, the purpose of which is to raise awareness on Armenia’s rich biodiversity both in Armenia and abroad. Financial resource and technical assistance input into fulfillment of these projects will be conducted through joint efforts”: A. Minasyan stated and emphasized the importance of components directed to eco-educational procedures and society's awareness forging on eco culture in those processes.       
  A. Navasardyan stressed that ''Armenian Marketing Association'' NGO will promote the policy adopted by the RA Ministry of Nature Protection in environmental protection, paying special attention to creating opportunities for generation of alternative funding means in order to reduce the environmental impacts.  To carry out these activities, it is also envisaged to involve international experts. 
In the frames of the memorandum there will be undertaken and realized round tables, discussions and conferences with touristic agencies engaged in incoming tourism in Armenia meant for development and purchase of ecotourism projects, regarding the service for foreign tourists. Implementing and planning of study visits to other countries will be conducted along with responsible persons of the ministry aimed at surveying ecotourism destinations, organizational and educational programs in those countries to apply them in Armenia in the future.    
A number of researches will be supervised among the population and tourists, besides in other potential markets, setting a goal of determining Armenia’s popularity among tourists interested in ecotourism, the factors taken into consideration while organizing ecotouristic visits for the tourists to this or that country.