Developing the Protected Area System of Armenia, UNDP/GEF project

The management plan of “Gnishik” protected landscape (2014-2018) (see Armenian version)

Developing the Protected Area System of Armenia, UNDP/GEF project 

05.10.2012 Trip Report

Developing the Protected Area System of Armenia

2010 Annual Report

Analyzing the RA legislation on state sanctuaries (armenian version)

Revealing the management peculiarities of state sanctuaries managed by different administrative authorities (armenian version)

Design of institutional links of management of state sanctuaries (armenian version)

Analyzing community awareness level on state sanctuaries (armenian version)

Overview on international experience on Sanctuaries with special reference on Sanctuary participatory management

Tourism potential assessment in operating Zangezur and planned Khustup sanctuaries

Tourism potential assessment in planned Gnishik sanctuary

Socio-economic baseline study of communities adjacent to planned Khustup, and operating Zangezur sanctuaries

Socio-economic baseline study of communities adjacent to planned Gniushik sanctuaries

Stakeholder Analysis for Proposed Khustup and Zangezur Sanctuaries

Stakeholder Analysis for Proposed Gnishik Sanctuary

Stakeholder Analysis of Gnishik, Khustup and Zangezur Sanctuaries: Yerevan


2010.09.27-2010.10.02 Exchange study tour Austria and Slovenia
2011.05.23-2011.05.28 Exchange study tour Armenia
2011.11.11-12, 2011.11.24-25 Public awareness seminars on the basics of sanctuaries management for the communities of Vayots Dzor Marz (armenian version)